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Scratch Foursomes Matches

The OHGS fields teams in three representative scratch foursomes matches and selection of the teams is the responsibility of the Captain of the OHGS. Selection is based on two things:-

your handicap
how well you have played in the Spring or, more importantly, the Autumn meetings

and, in the case of the Halford Hewitt, your performance in the Hewitt trial held in February each year.



The three matches are:-

Halford Hewitt: held at Royal Cinque Ports and Royal St George's each spring.
The Grafton Morrish: held at Royal West Norfolk and Hunstanton each autumn for which qualification at Royal Ashdown Forest in the spring is a necessary precursor.
The G.L.Mellin: held at West Hill each summer with separate competitions for the over 55s, over 65s and over 75s

To be considered for these teams, you generally need to have a single figure handicap. The main exception to this rule is the over 75s when, basically, if you can still play 16 holes of golf, you will have a good chance of being selected!!!!

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