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Old Haileyburian Golf Society Members Area

This page of the OHGS leads to the  "Members Area" which contains stuff that people are unlikely to want on general display. Access to this area is therefore protected by a username and password. (If you have forgotten these, please contact the secretary). Also, if you WANT TO JOIN the society, please drop the Secretary a line using the form below.

Once in this area there are two things you can currently view or do:-

Look at the fixture list

Access the OHGS database. The main purpose of this database is to:-

Allow you to update the information that we hold about you when, for example, you change your e-mail address, move home or change a phone number. Keeping this up to date saves me a bundle of work so please make the effort.
Register an interest to play in a fixture. You will find all the fixtures listed. Simple select Yes by the ones in which you would like to participate

If you need to change your Standing Order, you can download a blank form here. (Requires Adobe Acrobat Reader available here  or from

If anyone has ideas as to what they wish to see here (for example, the OHGS contact list - although this has Data Protection Act implications) please let me know

For any comments on this web site or other issues regarding the OHGS, please contact the Secretary by e-mail or directly using the form below



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