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Temporary Hosting for Tamarack Stuff

Forecasting  Demand Analysis and Forecasting for monthly data

Safety Stock Calculations  Does the basic Safety Stock sums with some graphs.

Optimum Customer Service  Explores graphically the nature of optimum levels of Stock Availability

Stock Management Game  Opportunity to try your skills on a real inventory. You can use the skills gained in the three previous pages together with a knowledge of re-order point control to manage the stock of an actual item. Each period you will make ordering decisions and then see what demand actually is. The costs (stock, Order and Lost Sale) are accumulated so you can see how well you are doing.

Most of these pages contain graphs and require Macromedia (now Adobe) Flash Player to work. If you see black squares, the chances are you do not have the Flash Player installed.

The pages can take a while to load so please me patient of you are on a slow connection.

Recalculation is automatic if you tab out of a field; otherwise press the Recalculate button.

Reset resets the data to its initial values.

Have fun.

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